LTEC Mission :-

According to the report of the Kothari Commission, “The destiny of India is being shaped in its classrooms.” Education inculcates civic and social responsibility. Education is an essential factor of human development, and brings refinement in man. The advancement of civilization is very much influenced by the development in education. Bringing this in mind we emphasized our trainees towards:-

  • Developing an integrated personality.
  • Imparting sound theoretical and practical knowledge of teaching.
  • Developing the quality of leadership and sense of creativity.
  • Inculcating social Cultural and moral values and pride of national heritage.
  • To Contribute New Perspectives to the World of Knowledge
  • Developing National integrity and International understanding.
  • Developing optimistic and enthusiastic teachers for tomorrow.
  • Developing interest towards research and innovations in education.
  • To Provide a Context of Learning that Enhances Professionalism, Humanism and Social Responsibility.

LTEC Vision :-

Lokmanya Tilak Education College aims to provide quality education and excellent training to the admitted trainees. It also aims to achieve the following:

  • To prepare high cognitive abilities.
  • To provide innovative orientation towards teaching.
  • To develop confidence, discipline, team spirit and sense of responsibility.
  • To provide them proper practical training to comprehend modern theoretical knowledge.
  • To develop among teachers a clear understanding of the psychology of their students.
  • To foster in them a desire for lifelong learning.